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Web Media

NBC’s The Office

Over the course of a semester, I managed, edited, and updated the blog “Live From Scranton.” This blog kept Office fans in the loop on upcoming episodes, what they missed, where to go for Office news, and fascinating links for every Office addict. The site built a large fan base, and became the headquarters for many Office fans to learn more about his or her favorite NBC show.

View the site:

CSU Alumni Association

A web media plan for the CSU Alumni Association. The strategic plan explains the uses of social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to effectively communicate and interact with current and former students of CSU.

Download a PDF of the media plan

Purses With Pockets Website

Purses with Pockets is a small business in Parker, Colo. that creates and sells unique handbags. In collaboration with the two owners, I designed a managed a site that displays all the purses in their inventory, as well as ways for customers to contact the owners and design their own purse.

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