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Articles and Newswriting

The follow are several examples of articles and feature stories I have written for classes at Colorado State University.

Click on an article title to be directed to the page on which is appears, or download the article in a PDF.

The Rise of Sucide Bikes

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  • This feature story examines the growing trend of fixed-gear bicycles on CSU’s campus and the consequences of riding this “dangerous” bike.

How the Modeling Industry Affects a Young Girl’s Perception

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  • This article discusses the effects of the thin-ideal on young girls, specifically teenagers. The research analyzes the criticisms of too-thin models and what needs to be changed in the modeling industry.

The Faces Behind the Controversy: Medical Marijuana Patients

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  • This feature focuses on the lives of four different Fort Collins residents who all use medicinal marijuana. Rather than discussing the politics and economics behind this issue, this article takes a personal approach and allows readers to understand why someone might use this illegal drug as a form of medication.
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